Almost Tortured!

December 23rd, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

diffusion box (front view)Mensies! Episode 5: “Almost Tortured!” is up both from the link over there in the sidebar that leads to the flickr version and at the normal place for the current episode. This one will have you biting your nails and wondering how you can stand the suspense from one thrill-packed frame to the next. If you’ve wondered what sort of enemy the mighty fighting men of the 325th are up against, this is your episode!

Savor it, too, because it’s Friday and that means nothing new until Monday.

There are four more episodes in the can. Starting with episode 10, “Mensies!” will be produced using my new light diffusion box, built out of a $3.00 piece of foam board, a cardboard file box and a tea towel.

diffusion box (side view)I lined the box with the foam board and cut holes out of the top and three sides. I glued the board to the sides and top. The holes at the top and sides let lamp light in, and the hole in the back is large enough to give the camera room to point at objects inside the box. The tea towel is draped over the top and sides of the box so the lamp light is diffused a little more.

I could have used poster board to do the lining, but the foam board has a certain pearly quality that seems less shiny than the slick side of poster board and less pulpy than the pulpy side. The foam board also adds to the rigidity and sturdiness of the box.

Anyhow, the apparatus gives me a consistently lit environment (no variable light from the nearby window) with less contrasty shadows and much more easy-to-meter light. By using my camera’s built-in white balance detector, I can point the viewfinder at one of the walls, tell it to set the white balance based on the wall as the reference point, set up and shoot. That makes for much less fiddling in Photoshop to get the frames looking consistent.

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