The New Phonebooks Are Here! I’m Somebody!

November 18th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

Er … I’m me, anyhow.

For the past few years we’ve maintained a Yahoo! Mail Plus account around the ranch, mostly for Al but also because once upon a time, children, there was no gMail with its huge quotas and wondrous interface.

So I just got a mail telling me Yahoo! has opened up dots and underscores in its address namespace, and it’s letting Plus account holders have dibs on the resulting name availability.

So now I’m, which is a fine fallback e-mail addie to have. I got Al her real name, too, which she won’t prefer to “oterhog,” (a complicated appellation that has something to do with a cat we took off my mother’s hands for a year, but not before renaming him Otis, and who swelled to such immense proportions that he became unable to lick his own ass, which is a horrific state for a cat to be in, but which we couldn’t do anything about because he just … wouldn’t … stop … swelling) but which is there for her all the same, in case some day she needs to impress someone with her sobriety and prudence.

Anyhow … after not being cool enough to get my own name on gMail, I feel like fast reflexes, $20, and compulsive mail-checking have finally paid off and I now have my own, special snowflake-like name on the second or third (maybe fourth) most credible mass consumer domain going. Yay.

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