Firefox, keybindings, etc. etc. etc.

November 30th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

If it’s a new Firefox release, it must also be time for yet another way to make the keybindings on the damn thing act like every other application in OS X. This time, the fine team of user-hating developers have buried the file you need to modify in a jar file.

Thanks to someone asking, I finally got around to fixing something I’d thought was fixed back in January following the handy instructions someone at Mozillazine who does not hate users thought to post.

Because I love helping everybody, I’ve posted a copy of the appropriately modified jar file so you can skip down to the step where you just copy the file into /Applications/ or wherever it is your copy of Firefox 1.5 lives.

Mercifully, the latest nightlies (and a bug I found in bugzilla) indicate that maybe, just maybe, this will be permafixed in time for 2.0 some time next year.

Also: The SmoothWheel extension makes Firefox scroll in a much less squirrely fashion than it does by default. Especially if you just turn off Adaptive-Duration and Adaptive-Step.

Meanwhile, if I knew everything Phil Ringnalda knows, I’d be a serious hater, because I get the sense, each time I stop in on him, that nothing is ever right anywhere.

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