August 28th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

Thursday was my last edition of Enterprise Unix Roundup. Starting next week, Brian Proffitt will be stepping in and taking up my half of the load while I sit on the runway waiting for a new site to make it through the developers and launch. Brian’s a good fit because he already manages LinuxToday (another thing I once did), so he’s got a close eye on the Linux beat, which was sort of my half of the effort.

This is the second time I’ve stepped out of a company Unix/Linux thing. Last time, I was happy to put the topic area behind me because I still had some raw feelings about “the Linux people.” This time I don’t have particularly strong feelings about the matter. Some weeks EUR was a fun column to write, other weeks it was sort of a chore. Some weeks the people I’d talk to trying to put a column together were interesting, other weeks they were sort of a pain. Reader feedback was all over the place. The one time it got really hysterical (as in “hysterical,” not as in “funny”) was the week Groklaw linked to us.

So over the weekend I went through my custom Google News page and yanked out all my canned Unix/Linux searches, then dropped a bunch of feeds from the RSS aggregator that I won’t be needing anymore. And that triggered a more thorough purge of computing-related sites. It appears to be time for another swing through the neighborhood of “I don’t want to think about computers a lot.”

The current gap in my time looks like it might be well filled working on more stuff for Instant Messaging Planet. I had my hands full just last week dealing with the Google Talk launch. In fact, it was sort of funny that as I was sitting in the office working on my last column as a Unix pundit, a reporter from the New York Post wrote asking for a quick interview so he could get some of the low-down on Google Talk and Jabber. Drop one schtick, pick up another.

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