At OSCON, Blogging Will Be Light

August 5th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

OSCON jugglersThere, I think the pro forma announcement has been made. Four days too late, but it’s been made. I was, indeed, spending most of my time at OSCON, and blogging was exceptionally light, despite the fact the show was right here in Portland.

The main documentary opportunity presented (aside from what I picked up for this week’s column), were the jugglers who decided to start tossing pins at each other just outside the expo floor. I also got a picture of a ten-foot-tall Jonathan Schwartz explaining why Java will never be open source to an audience that seemed more entertained at Sun’s intransigence than angry.

In fact, that’s OSCON in a nutshell for me: entertained, not angry. The bizarre fever energy I’ve gotten at past LinuxWorlds (for instance) wasn’t at OSCON. It was mostly about people who happen to be using open source software to get something done trying to learn more about how to do what they’re doing better. It didn’t have the artificial energy of a trade show, and it was a diverse enough crowd that there seemed to be less of the fanatical energy operating system people seem to bring to everything.

I’ll probably have more later. For now I’m heading back for one more orbit of the show.

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