July 17th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

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We had a pretty good day today: Al and Ben went to the farmer’s market downtown, which is their thing to do on Saturdays. They came back, Ben napped, and we headed to Mt. Scott Pool after he got up.

The pool was mildly insane. Ben was pretty uneasy at first, and I couldn’t tell if it was the water (he’s only been in a pool once before, when he was much younger) or the noise and motion. In the 1′ wading area there’s an apparatus of tubes and valves and spraying spigots and buckets that fill with water and tip. It’s neat and alluring to kids, but it’s also noisy and busy and imposing. Ben stuck pretty close for a while, but eventually began to warm up to everything and was soon walking around in the water and fussing with the apparatus, trying to open and close the valves and stick his hand in the water jets.

We took a few laps around a funny current area they’ve got that evidently has a therapeutic function when adults are using it by providing resistance to walk against. During play swim, it’s more of a mild rapids for kids to squirt through. After a few laps of that, Ben was putting his arms out in front of him and splashing the water. Fearless enough, even, that he tried to squirm out of my arms and into the swirling center of the current area head-first.

So… successful trip. Ben had a good time and none of the many, many, many children heading in all different directions managed to bonk into him.

We took a walk down to Brentwood Park, I got some pictures of some pretty flowers along the way back and forth, and Ben got to play on the playground briefly. But it was also overrun with mostly unsupervised kids who weren’t paying much mind to anyone smaller than them, so we packed it in pretty quickly.

This evening’s viewing:

We’re taking a break from the carnage we’ve gotten in the first three episodes of “Band of Brothers,” so we watched “Primer”. Since it ended about an hour ago, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it a little (or not, considering that I’m sitting here fussing with Flickr and a blog entry). My initial verdict: I enjoyed it, but I didn’t understand everything I saw, but I’m content with that on some level, because the director himself has admitted that there are pieces left to be un-understood, because, you know, time travel would be a mindfuck in pretty short order.

Anyhow, pleasant diversion. Worth the time.

Tomorrow: It’s looking like Ecola State Park and its Clatsop Loop Trail.

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