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July 13th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

I delicious’d an article about photo archiving on MacWorld a few days ago.

The whole matter of what to do with a bunch of digital photographs is sort of pressing. We’ve got well over 1,000 photos of Ben alone, with very few traditional prints to show for them. The best are stored online at the puddingbowl gallery, so they’re relatively safe, but that isn’t the whole collection, and our total collection exceeds the storage capacity of a single DVD, which puts us into “more complex backup arrangements” territory. And the thought of my backups being limited to Dreamhost is unnerving, since they don’t really seem to deal with backup restoration outside of “here’s all your stuff from before the last backup back.”

Smugmug, on the other hand, specializes in getting you DVDs of your online galleries as well as producing inexpensive prints.

So this week I’m playing with Smugmug and considering signing up for a year of the basic service. I’ve got oodles of local storage space, so just copying my iPhoto library over to the firewire backup drive and the network backup share is no big deal for now, in case Smugmug doesn’t work out. I can just order everything I uploaded back on DVD and move on.

Smugmug drawbacks: I’d like more choices in terms of gallery presentation. Flickr seems a little more fun and social.

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