Categorization II

July 13th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

More time spent on reorg’ing iTunes under what I now to choose to refer to as “The Revolutionary Science of Trinary Music Organization Thought.”

To make one thing clear: Going in, I already had a rudimentary system of 3’s and 5’s based on eventually using 2 & 4 to squirrel some sort of meta-information away. As it is, 2 & 4 are great ways to say “album mates to much more illustrious singles,” and 1 is a great way to say “a worthy single with no album mates, or no album worthy of mention.”

The payoff after finishing up some updated classifying was immediate: I was able to bring ten or twelve albums out of hybernation and let them get back onto the iPod because I finally and definitively identified a large chunk of unstarred dross I’m happy to have laying around but unwilling to have clogging up my ‘pod. My big list of shuffleable singles is more coherent now, too, since I used the opportunity of scrolling through my whole library to tag a few 3’s and 5’s I hadn’t before.

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