July 13th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

The last (and first) item I scrawled about podcasts nearly slipped off the bottom of the page unnoted.

Verdict, after two weeks?


I don’t ever have enough time when I’m not processing text of some sort (mail, copy) to listen to a podcast without risking everything getting all jumbled together in my head. If I did have more time, I wouldn’t spend it listening to podcasts.

On the other hand, my schedule’s about to rearrange in the direction of “long stretches without being in front of a computer, but near an iPod,” so maybe, if they don’t mess up my concentration, I’ll be able to listen to a few that I didn’t unsubscribe from.

Current podcast list:

  • Cinecast

  • KCRW’s Film Reviews (tenuous position: a “movie:” query in Google is much more efficient than a five minute podcast).

  • On the Media

  • The Treatment

  • The Nashville Nobody Knows

Some drawbacks I’ve noticed so far:

The feeds don’t always update their dates correctly or something: I end up with multiple copies of the same show. Not bad for me, on a constant-on broadband connection. It’d sure suck if I were on a dialup and my bandwidth suddenly dropped to nothing to fetch the third copy of a 30 or 45 minute podcast I listened to a week ago.

Also, a few of the ‘casts weren’t ready for the sudden rush of iTunes-induced popularity. They fail to download or update frequently. That’s a bad ad for podcasting in general, and a problem I’d guess makes Apple gnash its teeth a little. iTMS has been so much about marrying the product (music, podcasts) to the interface (iTunes, the overall Apple user experience), that the botched downloads and updates might be seen as a black mark against the overall experience.

Or maybe end users are more generally tolerant of that sort of thing than I tend to assume.

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