July 7th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

Some weekend catchup notes, seeing as how it’s … Wednesday!?

Friday: I had Ben home with me. He started a new daycare today and we had a hangtime of a few days. So I did the usual Friday teleconference first thing, hung with Ben for a while (quick trip to GI Joe’s to round up some pre-weekend stuff), then caught up on a little work in the late morning while he napped. In the afternoon he had a doc’s appointment because of some ear infection stuff. Since it was going into a holiday weekend, the waiting room wait stretched to 30 minutes. Same with the post-appt. visit to the pharmacist.

Sunday: We took a trip to Astoria. I’d have more pictures, but I spent more time with the camcorder on this outing, so nothing to show in the gallery at the moment while I work on cutting a home movie. Highlight of that trip was the excursion to Ft. Clatsop, where Lewis & Clark wintered in 1805-1806.

There was some Jeffersonalia at the park visitor center, including a few mentions of Monticello. “From Charlottesville to Oregon, just like us,” remarked Al. To which I said “And we thought we hated it there.”

As historic stops go, Ft. Clatsop’s pretty neat. It has a recreation of the buildings and stockade, plus a few demonstrations of period skills like tanning and black powder weapons. There are some canoes hacked from logs down by the river.

We also drove across a gigantic bridge you can see in the satellite view at Google Maps. It seemed like a good thing to drive over.

Ben’s really good on long drives. He tends to fall asleep after a few minutes when he’s tired and he’s pretty easily entertained with garden variety parental antics like “simulated barfing” and “Cthulhu peek-a-boo.”

Monday: A quiet 4th. We sat on our front porch in the evening and watched the driveway fireworks display put on by the across-the-street neighbors. I recorded some video and set it to fiddle music I bought at Ft. Clatsop. Not too spectacular at low resolutions. The subtle effect of flickering candlelight on my feet is lost, but the climax along with the good fiddle music makes the whole production worthwhile … to me.

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