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June 28th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

> I, for one, don’t trust anyone with my e-mail but myself. I have 500 GB of space for mail with mail archived back to 1990 (from the old Cleveland Freenet days). Why on earth would I want an ISP that wouldn’t let me run my own secure and reliable mail server? — Some Slashdot Guy

> “But, Aquaman, you cannot marry a woman without gills. You’re from two different worlds … Oh, I’ve wasted my life.” — Comic Book Guy

I just waded through an inbox that managed to pile up 500 messages. I don’t know how it got that way except that at some point in the last month I was gripped by a brain cloud and I couldn’t make myself delete anything. Then the Dreamhost mail faerie started arguing with me about it, adding to the mess.

If we have some hanging bit of business and it’s been more than a week, well … my apologies. A gentle reminder might be appreciated, because I wasn’t very gentle with anything older than a week or two, and there was stuff at the bottom I set aside in February.

Also, I haven’t been very good about maintaining this endeavor. I think it’s because a ton of emotional energy has gone into something work-related, and I don’t blog about work stuff.

Run, Kain, Run

We got the box set of “Kung Fu,” season 1. Interesting to note how different the editing seemed to be then … heavy on montage, with the most furious cutting reserved for the fight scenes.

The not-a-little-boy-but-not-yet-David-Carradine Kain seemed to go uncredited in both the pilot movie and the first regular episode (wherein John Saxon (a.k.a. Maskatron, a.k.a. Roper) is allowed to fall over a cliff like a, uh, tornado wind blowing past the, um, bending reed that is also chained around the ankles), but it’s Keith “Wild Bill Hickok” Carradine.

Going through “Kung Fu” makes perfect sense at this point. Having just blown through season one of “Deadwood”, we need more westerns … but with “Serenity” still a good four months away we need something to tide us over in the “western mashup” genre until it’s time to reverently pull the box set off the shelf and begin to prepare.

So … twelve episodes of “Kung Fu” at a rate of two or three a week = one month down. Then 13 episodes of “Firefly” at the rate of two a week (if we do this thing with other people) = six weeks down. I think “Kung Fu” is going to require us to revisit “Five Deadly Venoms”, and that’s going to trigger some other urges, too.

Factor in a brief break to make arrangements and marshal the forces, and we’ll run out of stuff just in time.

Then it’ll be all sitting around and twiddling thumbs for a week, in time to catch Wallace and Gromit, then a few more weeks until we can studiously ignore Harry Potter, then a few weeks more until we can sniff disdainfully at the Underworld sequel, then we’ll prod at “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. And that will bring us to …


The first King Kong trailer is out. We even get to see Him. It’s set in the ’30s. I recognized a few scenes from the original novel (which wasn’t, as I’d thought up until this evening, a screenplay adaptation … it was there first).

And that’ll wrap up the year.

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