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Thing Read on a Board of the Day:

> “In the re-released version, Lucas has the scimitar guy shooting first.” — regarding Spielberg & Lucas approving the script for Indiana Jones IV

New Feed of the Day

Ed is granting me my fondest wish and undertaking the documentation of all his application fitfulness in a handy RSS feed. No more wondering which chat client he’s using. No more tedious questions about which Web browser he’s running. It’s all there in black and white.

My NNW settings on this one are novel: 1 hour refresh & 999 days persistence. At some point, I’m going to want to know when Ed decided it was time to switch back to Firefox, or I’m going to want a definitive collection of statistics for the follow-on project, which will be betting myself donuts and pocket change on when he’s going to switch from one RSS reader to another.

Stand Pat

MediaBistro released the results of its salary survey report. The survey covers salaries for media people, ranging from folks in advertising and PR to T.V. news people and print reporters. “Online/new media” is also a category.

Word from a few others I’ve read/spoken with is that the results seem to be pretty representative. If you’re at all curious and not a member of AvantGuild, it’s probably worth going right now and taking a gander: The results go behind a paywall in ten days. I saved each of the four regional rundowns to PDF for future reference.

No further comment except that I found the results interesting, enlightening, and perhaps sobering.

Holy Crap!


George R.R. Martin is done with “A Feast for Crows,” (sort of):

> The first plan was simply to lop the text in half. In that scenario, I would finish the last few chapters in as short a length (and time) as possible. That would have produced a story of maybe 1650 to 1700 pages in manuscript, which we would simply have broken into two chunks of roughly equal length and published as A FEAST FOR CROWS, Part One and A FEAST FOR CROWS, Part Two.

> We decided not to do that. It was my feeling — and I pushed hard for this, so if you don’t like the solution, blame me, not my publishers — that we were better off telling all the story for half the characters, rather than half the story for all the characters. Cutting the novel in half would have produced two half-novels; our approach will produce two novels taking place simultaneously, but set hundreds or even thousands of miles apart, and involving different casts of characters (with some overlap).

> The division has been done, and it think it works quite well. The upshot is, A FEAST FOR CROWS is now moving into production. It is still a long book, but not too long; about the same size as A GAME OF THRONES. The focus in FEAST will be on Westeros, King’s Landing, the riverlands, Dorne, and the Iron Islands. More than that I won’t say.

He’s excised some character threads outright in favor of getting something to press, and it sounds like the decision to just go ahead with something might have unblocked him a little for the rest.

I’ll be disappointed that a few characters won’t get into this volume, but pretty happy that a book I’ve been waiting on for several years will be here in one form or another in just a few months.

Don’t Fear the Weiner (or the Winer)

Snappy, social anthropologist to the, uh, stars, recently picked up on the latest memetic craze to sweep the A-list: Crying over how mean everyone is to them.

It can’t be a coincidence that podcasting is the new hotness: What better way to keep people from jumping down your throat, fisking you, or otherwise linking to your more pathetic moments as a self-aggrandizing, incestuous, whatever-the-hell-else-ya-wanna-call-’em than to retreat to audio?

They can’t link to your words, and “cutting and pasting” is a massive pain in the ass. Not to mention the indignity of having to waste storage space to keep a local copy of the offending excerpt you could impose on your critics, unless you want to tell your readers “just download the whole 32 meg entry from four days ago and forward to 5:14 … It’s a riot, I swear.” Podcasting is just clumsy enough and introduces just enough friction that unless we really, really want to know what people we theoretically don’t care about except to periodically ridicule are saying, we won’t bother to listen closely enough to figure out how to embarrass them in public. I know I wouldn’t have the time or patience.

Ed noted that opens the possiblity of adding a thumpin’ bass line to every post, but I think we could do better. I think we could add more cowbell:

> donk donk donk donk donk uh… so I totally was late to work today donk donk donk donk but it’s cool because, uh, um, I don’t care coz donk donk donk donk donk this is cool! Wow! Everyone can hear my voice donk donk donk donk I think I’m gonna change the theme on my page donk donk donk donk because donk donk donk this is donk donk donk kinda dull donk donk donk



Moved some templates around on the linklog, but only enough to tie the page more closely to PuddingTime! and give it its own snazzy logo. On reflection, I’m probably going to have to unlazy a little and fiddle with the search field so it covers both the linklog and the main page.

Otherwise … I think the new stuff over at PuddingTime! is mostly done.

And thanks to gl. for catching a blogroll glitch. It just now occurs to me I need to update the one over here, too.

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