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May 11th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted  |  1 Comment

The doctor says I have bronchitis. I think that sucks. Especially since the online Merck manual seems to imply that I’m looking at another week or two of coughing once the bacterial part of the whole thing is cleared up. On the upside, the drugs he gave me already seem to be working just a day later. And the codeine cough syrup is helping me sleep. Go me.

Out With a Whimper

Chan Chandler, the North Carolina minister who tried to cleanse his flock of all the Democrats, has resigned. One of his remaining supporters says “I’m not going to serve with the ungodly.”

WorldNuetDaily suggests the good parishioner might be all wet because W could actually be the Beast.


Power Supply

The Macally adapter I referenced a few days ago arrived today. Though it’ll take a while to prove itself, I can offer that its cord seems more sturdy than the one Apple provides with its adapters, and since it isn’t a big cube that plugs into the wall directly, it stays in outlets better and is more easy to childproof with a plastic, sliding outlet box. It also has a clever locking mechanism that keeps the segment of the cord that runs from the laptop to the brick from sliding out.


The piece of Tiger that’s got me the most enthralled with the possibilities is all the stuff surrounding Spotlight. A lot of people seem to agree, considering the number of blog posts waxing rhapsodic about the ability to “tag” files.

There’s perhaps a little comic gold in the tagging craze, only because it’s reflective of a thing about nerd culture and its fixation with doing the correct thing: Through tagging we’ve all been given permission to be a little slovenly and even shortsighted with our classification scheme, so now it’s o.k. to talk about it in public without fear of someone with a degree from a SLIS coming around and scolding us.

“It’s cool, baby, coz it’s a FOLKSONOMY!”

Anyhow, the file-tagging folks are doing involves adding Spotlight comments to the information of a given file or folder. Apple thoughtfully pushed this functionality up front by adding a field to the Info window that reads “Spotlight Comments.”

Spotlight Comments are meta data, just like other bits of meta data, and they’re easily found by Spotlight through its default interface. The only problem with using Spotlight to find files by their Spotlight Comments is that if the comments you use aren’t unique (as in “not words in your native tongue”), every single file you have with those tags in the form of actual content turns up in the results: Mail, Word files, some column you wrote two years ago, Photoshop plugins, and on and on.

What’s sort of weird to me is that “Spotlight Comments” isn’t a default meta data field in smart folder construction. Automator sort of pimps Spotlight Comments in its default actions, Apple is pushing the field up front by putting it near the top of the Info window. Why not stick it in the Smart Folder menu by default, or replace “keywords,” which doesn’t even seem to have an Automator action or a field in the Info window?

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