Updated: voodoo2palm 1.0.1

January 11th, 2005  |  Published in Uncategorized

Update: Ugh. A stupid bug probably broke the script for a lot of people. It ought to be fixed now. You can download voodoo2palm 1.0.1 from its homepage. Alternately, issue “mkdir ~/.plucker” from the terminal. That’s what I get for defensive programming.

I just bundled up what I’m calling voodoo2palm 1.0. It gets to be called “1.0” because I doubt I’ll be doing anything more to it, preferring instead to wait for someone to write the actual VoodooPad plugin that makes voodoo2palm look like the simple, fussy kludge that it is.

It’s been updated to work with VoodooPad 2, which went through a slight change in its Applescript dictionary that broke scripts using the VoodooPad 1.x dictionary, otherwise it does exactly what it used to do.

And what, exactly, did it used to do? Why, the same thing it does now: It makes your VoodooPad pads available for reading on your Palm device, with their internal links intact.

voodoo2palm is a droplet. You can drag a VoodooPad .vpad document on to it (or use the proxy icon: that little icon in the titlebar of a document window, see the figure below) and it exports the document to HTML, then uses Plucker (included) to wrap the exported document up as a Palm-readable .pdb file.

The voodoo2palm zip file includes everything you need:

  • Drag voodoo2palm to where it’s easiest for you to use (I keep mine in my /Applications directory, but I also put it in my dock so it’s readily available).

  • Install the Plucker viewer on your Palm (I’ve included lo-res and hi-res versions for both older and newer Palm devices in the directory entitled “Plucker Viewers.”)

  • Drag and drop your vpad document onto the droplet and wait for a moment.

  • Look on your desktop for a Palm-installable file (the name of your pad with the suffix .pdb). You should be able to doubleclick on that file to put it in the queue for installation at your next hotsync.

  • Hotsync your Palm. Once the sync is complete, you should be able to open Plucker on your Palm and find your voodoopad listed as one of its documents.

Worth mentioning up front: Plucker doesn’t understand VoodooPad’s (the Mac’s, really) bullet characters, so if you’re using those, you’ll get what looks like some line noise. If you’re willing to pay some dough, I recommend iSilo as the tool for doing the conversion to Palm-readable text. The entry that got me started working on voodoo2palm has some notes on other ways to get a voodoopad onto a Palm, including how to do it with iSilo.

Also worth mentioning up front is Gus’s generosity in letting me use a derivative of the VoodooPad logo for this little project.

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