January 2nd, 2005  |  Published in Uncategorized

Here it is January 2nd and I’ve got no resolution to show for it. If I had one, I suppose it would have something to do with those two in the picture, but 2005 just doesn’t feel like a resolution year to me.

For one, some of the stuff that ordinarily falls under the province of “resolutions” is pretty much under way already. I guess I could make some “in anticipation of the completion of early resolutions” resolution, but that just seems like it’s complicating things.

For two, “eh.”

Or “meh.”

Either way… 2005 just doesn’t feel like a year to make a resolution.

ben_al_swing.jpgOne good “new leaf” thing we did was kill DirecTV after about 14 months of service. We got it when it became hard for Al to get around during her pregnancy, and we figured it’d be useful for the essentially homebound life of new parents. But in the past few months, having the dish has made less and less sense. I don’t want to spend time dwelling on how crappy a lot of the stuff on t.v. is, and I’m not going to try to pretend that I have no use for television in general. But there are other things I’d rather be doing during the useful hours of consciousness we have left after Ben’s down for the night.

Not in the “new leaf” category, but more in the “new things that are happening” category is pretty much Ben, who went from laying on his belly and flapping his arms or rolling to get places to crawling, standing, and scooting around by holding on to furniture in the space of the past several weeks. He’s got one consistent sound (“da”) and a collection of several others (“ba,” “ma,” “ga,” “doy,” “dar,”) and a general shriek of delight, plus a trill.

We finished baby-proofing his room last week (which mostly entailed consolidating things with cords to a socket covered by drawers and moving any soap, ointment, etc. into the closet) and I installed some new full-spectrum bulbs in the ceiling fixture, so in the early evenings his room is pretty much where things happen in our house. I bring him home from daycare, grab a book, and he crawls around far from the CD player, bookshelves, and fireplace. Sometimes he gets tired of playing with his stuff, and we sit quietly. He becomes very, very still when we whisper in his ear.

So that’s about it. I haven’t had a massive blogging urge in the past several weeks, and surprised myself by not doing much in the way of keeping things up around here during last week’s vacation. Maybe I’m losing interest. I was considering some resolution to do with further curtailing of my online life after I had an early December depressive fit over feeling over-connected, but that seemed silly. I don’t trust anything I feel in December ever, unless it’s optimism.

And to wrap up, I guess there’s the reason I even started typing this evening: I uploaded some new photos to the Ben gallery and wrapped up the August-December gallery. In about three weeks, it’ll be time to compile all the shots from June forward into a new iteration of the Ben Gallery DVD and send that out to the grandparents.

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