On Hardware and Cloneland

December 4th, 2004  |  Published in Uncategorized

A quick note re: life in cloneland and its discontents…

I guess I don’t mind spreading the guts of a machine out all over the floor and trying to put three machines together to make one good one. This morning so far, in order:

  • Rock! That old 19″ monitor still works

  • Suck! There’s a broken pin in that otherwise perfectly good 80GB hard drive!

  • Rock! The RAM on all three machines is the same speed! 1GB box! Woot!

  • Suck! It won’t boot with that decent Radeon video card I got just before I got sick of clones!

  • Rock! My clone-fu is unstoppable… it boots after all!

And that’s about where we’re at. The difference, I guess, is having the eMac sitting here in all of its sealed box glory. I can go in to the elbows on the clone and it’s no big… building your own is cheaper as long as your time is free, etc. etc. Good to have a pearly white box that trained professionals will come to fix, though.

So… off to the computer store for a few niceties, some rearranging, and then back to life in a three platform home.

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