Things You Don’t Want to Find in the Tub

November 6th, 2004  |  Published in Uncategorized

Gollum might be something you wouldn’t want to find in your tub, and so is Princess. It appears that the Infernal Gift has found its way back into our home after being away for two years.

What’s an infernal gift?

  • It’s horrible.

  • No one wants it.

After that, an infernal gift can be pretty much anything. The important part is that it stay on the move. And if you can get someone to accept it freely (but unwittingly), then the tribe will sing your praises to the stars. If you can’t get someone to accept it freely and can rid yourself of it all the same, perhaps by claiming that you’re remodeling your bathroom and need the use of your dear friends’ shower and then leaving the infernal gift behind, well… you win, too.

For now, Princess will abide in our home and await the stirring of her inevitable wanderlust. When she’s had enough of our hospitality, she’ll walk the earth again. And someone will be sorry.

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