The Aggressively Ugly

September 1st, 2004  |  Published in Uncategorized

The television came back from the repair center a day early. The repair dude said he couldn’t replicate the problem, so he called Sony and they sent him a few IC’s to stick in. Probably ought to start researching Oregon consumer law to see what remedies will be available to me after a return or two more.

  • Tipping etiquette: Is it appropriate to tip someone for lugging a 100 lb. television up your treacherous and narrow front steps in the rain? I thought so and acted on that impulse. Not a lot, but certainly enough to afford a double-large fancy coffee drink at one of the snottier bistros downtown plus a biscotti, if that’s what he’s into.

  • Camille Paglia asserted “the cat is the least Christian inhabitant of any home,” so while I’m on domestic superlatives I’ll note that the television is possibly the ugliest. I like our living room less with that hulking thing in it. It’ll be a happy day when we move into digs with a place to put the t.v. besides the living room.

  • Bonus: The TiVo did snag the last “Six Feet Under,” plus a backlog of “Buffy” and “Daily Show” episodes. All hail TiVo.

Update: Wow. The t.v. worked for 30 minutes then died. A quick call to Sony netted me the guidance “unplug it for a minute then see what happens.” So it’s back to the repair shop on Friday some time.

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