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August 13th, 2004  |  Published in Uncategorized

I also, in case anyone’s curious, have deep issues with several small Trotskyite sects demonstrating varying degrees of barking madness, but I’m deeply relieved I never ended up running afoul of the Posadists:

They called themselves the Posadists after their founder Juan R Posadas and, like many UFO cults, they bore a fierce loyalty to their “dear master”. They believed that close encounters were evidence of superior socialist civilisations from Earth’s future. Their bizarre belief in flying saucers was not channelled to them by some tackily-named space entity but “theoretically informed” by Marx and Trotsky, and was for them a logical extension of Marxist dialectical materialism. Posadas wrote: “We will travel to planets millions of light years away under a Socialist society.”

Probably Amiga users, too.

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