burble II

August 27th, 2004  |  Published in Uncategorized

IMG_3394.thumb.jpgMaybe the hardest part about aquarium keeping is getting pictures of the tank inhabitants. Something new to work at, anyhow, so I’ve put up a gallery of aquarium shots to track my progress. Happily the Powershot G5 has manual focus and shutter priority, so after about 60 shots I started to figure some things out. The neon tetras are almost impossible to capture, so they’re mostly represented as blue and red blurs in the photos I have so far. The lemon tetras are a little more steady. The platies, which don’t look particularly busy, were sort of hard to nail down, too.

While we’re on the subject of aquariums, a thumbs up goes to Maquarium, which has almost everything I need to keep track of my tanks (just started a small planted tank that ought to be picking up a small school of rasboras as accent fish in the next week or so once the plants look healthy). The one thing I’d add if I could would be a category for plants.

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