Worthy Causes

June 16th, 2004  |  Published in Uncategorized

Belated but worth noting: Portland Communique is now an official Google News source. Knowing that makes me feel better than any ten bloviating diatribes about whether “bloggers are journalists” or whatnot. b!X is one in my book, well worth the book I donated and definitely worth some more PayPalage once the new job lucre settles in. If you live in Portland and don’t know the Communique, go read it for a week… well worth your time.

Also worth noting:

John Gruber of Daring Fireball has a hat out, too. He’s selling membership/t-shirts that net you a full-content RSS feed. Even though I accused him of hyperventilating not two days ago (and he does hyperventilate from time to time) he’s an engaging writer trying to make a go of it and the t-shirts are pretty. If I buy one, it’ll probably be to pay him back for my use of Markdown and the occasional bracing kick of irritation (but eventual thoughtfulness) I usually get when I visit. His design is clean enough that the usual benefit of getting at his full content in an aggregator (no annoying giant banner graphics, pointless lists of last year’s posts, cockamamie “too cool for more than ten words” blogmarks or any of that other toxic stuff that clutters lesser blogs) is perhaps not as compelling.

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