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June 10th, 2004  |  Published in Uncategorized

Figures that on the day Wired reports gmail invitations aren’t worth anything on eBay anymore I’d get the ability to send three.

One’s claimed. Two to go. First come, first served (in general).

I’m going to have to figure out a way to do better than “all the cool kids have been doing it for three months + 1 week” on this stuff.

While we’re here, and on the “last to the party” tip:

  • Reading Y: The Last Man and enjoying it plenty. Just finished the first installment of the trade editions. The happy thing about this one is that I found a copy laying around the neighborhood Laughing Planet and got to read it for about a minute before my order was ready. Liked what I read enough to pick up the trade. Liked that enough to order two more sight unseen.

  • Reading the second of the “Sin City” trades. I know… late late late. But I don’t do this comic book stuff as a hobby, so I’m pretty happy to wait until everyone else has moved on and reap the benefit of a decade worth of reviews and word of mouth. “Sin City” isn’t at all disappointing. It’s a nice way to keep up my inverted morality fix now that we’re stuck waiting another two years for the Sopranos to come back. Beyond that, though, it’s just cool to see a real artist at work, and Frank Miller’s certainly that.

Also, because it’s an interesting quirk of Google, the recent attention to the IRR callup is getting some comment traffic from real, live soldiers dealing with the very quiet re-mob of our reserves. Billmon has a little more on that from the numbers perspective. Long and short: funny how the “spike” that led to 115,000 troops last winter ended up being 140,000, which will shortly be “spiking” to 145,000.

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