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June 12th, 2004  |  Published in Uncategorized

It’s “new look” day at Puddingtime. I’m still stomping some bugs, but thanks to gl and fellow pudding chef pk for catching some egregious ones.

The burning question’s sort of “with can of kerosene” or without because we all know a naughty cowgirl is trouble, but a naughty cowgirl with a can of kerosene…

We’re leaning to “without.”

Also on matters blogging, and because MT3 is not a likely consideration in the near future:

I wrote Mie, who’s been the friendly voice on the other end of the mail while I’ve been asking questions. The nut of my letter was this:

I went to the SixApart site this morning to see if there’s any way I

could donate an appropriate amount for my use of Movable Type to this

point (I’ve been using it for a little under two years or so), but

couldn’t find information on how to do that. Is that no longer


If not, I may end up buying a license, but that’s the less preferable

of the two options, because I’m very deeply concerned about the

direction your company’s taking and I’m more interested in squaring

things for my previous use, not in voting with my dollars for your

current direction.

Which is about where I’m at in a nutshell.

Mie replied with:

Actually, yes. We’ve discontinued the donation process. But we do appreciate

your thoughts.

About our company’s direction, yes, we are very aware of our stumbling and

have been working hard these past few weeks summarizing the huge amount of

email feedback we’ve been getting to figure out how to better respond to our

users. We are planning to post a new pricing structure that is based on the

feedback and we think will match most user’s needs. To that end, I just

wanted to say that we did stumble and are learning. We are a young company

and still get surprised to look up and find more than a few of us working


So I guess I’m hoping you’ll continue to observe and when we get it right,

we’d love to have you back.

Past correspondence is over at the dev blog, which is going to sit for a while.

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