6A Announces New MT License/Price

June 16th, 2004  |  Published in Uncategorized

Six Apart has made some changes to the license and price of MovableType.

The license seems more clear, and the pricing is a lot more friendly: It will cost everyone on the puddingbowl.org server about $16 to cover a license adequate to our needs, and we’ll have unlimited room to grow if more people decide to start a blog here.

My remaining concerns in practical terms:

  • How well the MT developer community has survived the fracas that instigated the changes in the first place.
  • How much more spiff MT3 will be for end users when the feature-laden version due out some time comes out.

I’m not going to spend any more time dwelling on the matter, nor am I going to round up a bunch of responses. The trackbacks to the link above ought to be adequate.

Meanwhile, (at first via Ed-over-IM then over a flood of hollering) there’s the “Dave Winer pulls the plug on all those weblogs” scuffle, adequately launch-pointed by The Register. The audio response to Dave’s audio statement (linked here) is sort of creepy and brittle. The funny/sad part is the shock and surprise that Dave’s personal friends haven’t been roughed up in this whole thing, and continue to have access to their blogs so they can broadcast pacifying messages. I guess it’s the great karmic wheel at work: SixApart squares its deal just in time for Winer to foul his own.

Update: Ed’s mourning his own weblogs.com loss, and I agree with Steve in the comments: Dave Winer and SixApart aren’t laboring under the same obligations. No horse in the Dave Winer race, either, other than to watch the shitstorm play out.

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