Rotten to the Core? (Updated)

May 25th, 2004  |  Published in Uncategorized

A visit to the Mac store support desk:

Me: This is a G3/800 iBook. I bought it two months ago. Two nights ago, I was typing and I noticed the screen going crazy on the right side. Sort of flickery. I noticed it did it when my ….

Clerk: When your left hand was resting over the hard drive. Mmhm.

Me: It did seem to echo the behavior I’ve read about a logic …

Clerk: the logic board problem. Mmhm.

Me: Funny thing is, I looked up the serial numbers when I first heard about this, and …

Clerk: There are more numbers now. Yours is one of them.

And that’s about that. My second iBook, and the second one to be plagued with some sort of stupid, widespread quality control/design issue. The repair people are very friendly about the matter, in a blase “yeah, so your iBook’s fucked, what’s new?” sort of way, but I’m left wondering what the hell is up with Apple. My first iBook was an early snow G3/500. They had some glitches but I thought “ok, newish series… sometimes there are bugs.” I took it back twice for those bugs.

The latest is many, many revs down the line, and it’s hosed, too.

No big theme here. Just noting that I’ve bought two Apples in three years, and they’ve both fallen victim to mass flaws.

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