DevSite, Now With the Flavor of Resignation

May 31st, 2004  |  Published in Uncategorized

Having resigned myself to not making any moves to MT3 anytime soon, I’m repurposing as my testbed for changes to Puddingtime!. There are so many layers of cruft, weird back-end design ideas I can’t explain to myself anymore, and assorted other “why did I hardcode that when MT gives me a perfectly good tag to keep it portable” gremlins that I might as well start trying to get a handle on them now.

The content on the site will be static (it’s just a reimported dump of the stuff here as of ten minutes ago), but the templates will be whatever I’ve got coming down the pike for here.

So far it reflects the introduction of a three column design and a few other things in hopes of densifying the page a little. It should also go without saying that a casual glance now and then will reflect egregious errors in the process of being solved.

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