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April 20th, 2004  |  Published in Uncategorized

Wow: Snownews is what

appears to be a fairly useful RSS reader for consoles.

  • It includes an OPML conversion script so you can take a blogroll

from some other RSS reader and convert it into something Snownews can


  • It has a semi-decent built-in reader and allows for the user to

customize the browser used to read full entries (yay,


  • It has completely customizable keybindings.

  • It allows the user to filter the feed display by multiple


  • Exposes the URL of the item, so if you’ve got a smart terminal (like

gnome-terminal or OS X’s Term app), it’s easy to get at the item with

a browser besides links.

The bad:

  • Sort-of slow updating.

  • You’ll want to customize those keybindings ASAP

  • Periodically hangs on a feed (scan of the manpage shows that “z”

snaps it out of bad feed hypnosis).

Later: Tinfoil hat-wearer alert: It phones home at exit to make sure the version you’re running is the latest. You can disable this. It’s too late for me. I’ll just sit here and wait for the goons from the Dept. of Homeland Security to come pick me up for reading bad things.

Later still: The precompiled version will appear to run under Woody but it segfaults shortly after updating everything. Just build it.

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