Libertarians of Oregon Acknowledge the Two-Way Street

March 10th, 2004  |  Published in Uncategorized

“Get the state out of marriage” says the Libertarian Party of Oregon:

“Under the Libertarian approach, the government would stop issuing marriage licenses, replacing them with civil unions for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation. “Couples could then go to their churches to have their unions sanctified as marriages. Churches would determine which couples are allowed to marry. “‘Our approach lets churches control their marriage sacraments while ensuring that government doesn’t sanction gay marriages,’ state party Chairman Adam Mayer said in a statement.”

The language in that last graf is pretty interesting, and reflective of the curious mix of cultural directions found among Libertarians. Whatever tooth-pulling it took to get folks from the more socially conservative chapters to sign on, at least they did it.

Via AboutItAll|Oregon.

Update: b!X has picked up on this resolution and several similar notions floating around out there (including my own) in a more comprehensive post.

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