I Promise to Call if My House Burns Down

March 4th, 2004  |  Published in Uncategorized

O.k…. so I probably wouldn’t like the average literary magazine editor, but this little rant about the social burdens non-bloggers bear was pretty worth my time:

“There was a time when my friends and I got together to chat about our lives, a time when any problem could be resolved in the warm light of our camaraderie and beer. And then my friends became bloggers. These days, I do not even hear about the stupid stuff that’s going on– ‘I got a haircut’ or ‘My apartment burned down’ — because the bloggers assume that I have read about it on their blog. Which I have not. And then I wonder why they are not answering their home phone, and immediately assume we are in a fight.”

I hereby pledge to never, ever refuse further comment in a meatspace conversation by saying “I blogged about it, so…”

Maybe I should expand that pledge to promising to never use the word “blog” ever again. At 2:03 in the morning, having just rocked the boy to sleep, sitting here listening to DirecTV’s jazz channel while I wait to see if bottle, blanket, and bouncing will stick, the thought of never hearing that word again as anything other than, perhaps, an exclamatory bit of dialogue in a caveman movie seems sort of pleasant.

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