Eight Good Things

March 14th, 2004  |  Published in Uncategorized

One more baby-blog entry as the weekend wraps up:

In the midst of all the “what’s he know and how does he know it and will he remember it?” fretting and anxious anticipation of the end of good sleep habits are some things that are very good about Ben:

  1. Al bringing him to bed to wake me up in the morning.
  2. Getting a smile from him when he first wakes up from a nap.
  3. The way his eyes lock on mine when I feed him a bottle.
  4. Watching Al give him his nightly massage, because his funny little arm and leg motions give way to a deep stillness, and he stares up at her, rapt.
  5. Giving him his nightly massage myself, for the same reasons.
  6. Taking him for walks in the baby carrier and realizing he’s fallen asleep with his head on my chest.
  7. Seeing a look of puzzled shock give way to curious engagement when we put him in the tub for his nightly bath.
  8. Remembering that I once thought I could somehow keep myself walled off from some part of this experience, and realizing now that I can’t and wouldn’t ever want to try.

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