December 30th, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

The really discouraging thing about

The Register’s coverage of Apple’s dud iBooks is that Apple is several iterations into the snow iBook design, and yet the problems that plagued the line when it first arrived are still happening. I was pretty much set to “go Mac” for my laptop a second time, but I’ve already been through the whole “dead display” thing (twice, in fact), and I’m not so sure I feel like putting up with it again. Especially since AppleCare would represent a 25% markup on the price of whatever I buy.

Isn’t this sort of weird for Apple? I know the conventional wisdom is to let Apple get a few revs of a new design under its belt before bothering, but the snow iBooks have been through at least three revisions and a jump in the CPU. What’s up?

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