Blood on the Donkey

December 23rd, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

The right wing of the Democratic Party… er… I mean, the credible, open, inclusive, hard-working, imaginative, progressive, persuasive, rational, energized, idea-based, and positive wing of the Democratic Party is not happy with its party’s left wing, by which they also mean the peculiar, “progressive,” (in scare quotes) loose-lipped, Left-ist, brain-dead, rage-filled, hallucinatory, revisionist pawns of Karl Rove.

It’ll make a great video game.

“Your political party is dressed in a donkey suit and has a bomb strapped to its head. Can it make it through the primaries before the bomb goes off? Earn extra time by poking yourself in the eye and gnawing off your own feet! Watch out! You’ve set your own tail on fire and the donkey suit is filling with noxious fumes! Run the donkey suit over a cliff and into the ocean to clear out the fumes, but don’t drown! And watch out for the bomb!”

(via TAPPED)

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