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November 23rd, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

Well, we don’t really have much of a blogroll, but here are a few changes:

  • b!X’s Portland Communique has some new design stuff going on.
  • Sven has added an annex to The GENERATOR he calls Notepad: Thoughts About Youth Liberation. A few regular visitors to this site have happened across The GENERATOR in the past year, and walked away a little confused by Sven’s general youth liberation thrust. Notepad is faster-moving than GENERATOR, and includes more links, which might help provide some context.
  • Sven also has what he calls a “today I ate a ham sandwich” blog over at blogspot: Planet Sven. Much more chatty than either GENERATOR or Notepad. So if you’re curious about the man behind the words, that’s where to go.

Thanks to Sven, I’ve been paying more attention to “ham sandwich” blogs, and I’m coming around to seeing their utility more and more. Hating them is like hating a family holiday letter you find on the street. Maybe you can make some metaphorical hay about “litter,” but hating Mrs. Jones’ account of a year of braces, ballet recitals, and promotions at work seems a little pinched. Leave Mrs. Jones alone. Save your ire for Andrew Sullivan, who has an Oxford education and a selective wit that fails him where President Bush and appearances on George “Like Unsweetened Oatmeal for Politics” Stephanopoulos’ weekly show are concerned.

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