Spam Comes to Frogtown

October 12th, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

Sorry to report that there’s a wave of spam sweeping MovableType blogs, including this one. I haven’t bothered to check the logs out too closely to find out if it’s a bot or just a jackass with a browser and a lot of time on his sticky little hands, but I’ve taken a few steps to fix it. In the mean time, my apologies if you find yourself following a comment to a “barely legal lolitas” page.

If you’re maintaining a MT blog, a plugin is on the way, hopefully tomorrow, to handle both the spam and some related ease-of-use issues where deleting offending comments are concerned.

As a by-the-by update, Electrolite has been having the same problems from the same people as we have. We agree with him when he says:

“I would be utterly opposed to personally harrassing Guy McFarland, who lives at 9 Dancing Cloud Ct. #42, Destin, Florida, 32541. I certainly would oppose any and all efforts to pester him via his phone number, (850) 269-3388. Goodness, that would be ever so wrong. How we would deplore that.”

It’s the anabaptist upbringing, see?

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