“Baby, if you ever wondered. . .”

October 1st, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

. . . wondered what ever became of the original music in “WKRP in Cincinnati” reruns, that is . . . the answer is livin’ on the web at A Guide To Music Changes In “WKRP IN CINCINNATI”. Sample entry:

39. “The Americanization of Ivan”
Music changes: Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” replaced.
Dialogue changes: Every time Ivan quotes a line from the song “Tiny Dancer,” it’s replaced. At one point he calls Bailey “blue jean baby”; this has been changed to something that sounds like “Bejing baby.” Ivan’s line “Hold me closer, tiny dancer” is replaced twice; the first time (to Bailey) it becomes “Hold me closer, [mumble mumble],” the second time (to Les) it becomes “Hold my order, terrible dresser.”

Why? Blame ASCAP.

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