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October 4th, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

At some point in the past year, I picked up the habit of renting or borrowing entire t.v. series seasons. I think it started when a few episodes of “Angel” got us interested in making sure we knew everything there was to know about the Buffyverse. Since then, we’ve been through the available seasons of “Angel,” most of a season of “Bablyon 5” (I’m sorry… I just don’t get the appeal), the first season of “The Simpsons,” “Six Feet Under,” and “Dark Angel.” We’re also nursing a fairly hefty “Sopranos” jones, and that’s what motivated me to go ahead and subscribe to Netflix. We’re in line for the fourth season, which will beat kicking and scratching at the video store. They’ll come when they come.

So I’ve got a new sidebar item down there on the left, powered by Oscar Hill’s Netflix Suite plugin, which shows what’s in my movie queue. As a sidenote, if you google for “netflix movable type,” you’ll probably end up with Ben Trott’s plugin, which appears to be broken at the moment. Oscar’s works. He really oughta go ahead and either submit it to plugins directory or at least tell Ben what he did to fix it.

Update: Well, Oscar’s plugin spews a lot of error messages when the indexes are rebuilt with a script I’ve got to do that. I won’t call my endorsement complete until I can debug, or see what Oscar knows about it.

Update redux: Yes, there’s a fix for Ben’s plugin posted in the directory. Yes, I applied it. No, it did not work for me. Also, the error messages I’m getting as a result of running an index rebuild with can be fixed by adding a simple redirect of stderr to /dev/null, like so: -mode=index -blog_id=2 -template="Main Index" > /dev/null 2>&1

This has the effect of killing all error messages, so it’s a good idea to perhaps run one ringer rebuild at a specific and odd time now and then just to make sure other problems haven’t crept in over the course of adding plugins or making changes.

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