Support Your Local Embezzling Loser In Exile

September 25th, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

I was feeling so certain this morning, but the fly in my certitude ointment has to be Ahmed Chalabi, whom TAPPED mauls as grossly incompetent. He’s so awful our own administration looks askance at his schemes, and Jordan wants to pick him up for embezzling millions from a bank.

So if you read this morning’s post and thought I’d found some closure on yesterday evening’s post, I think I’m uncertain again, because as much as I sincerely believe Iraq needs to be restored to sovereignty sooner than the president prefers, it’s apparent that the country’s most likely candidates to step up are trouble. If I were a paranoid type, I’d think Chalabi got the support he did precisely because his ineptitude makes a wonderful argument for keeping Iraq tied down while the rest of the neocon agenda is played out in the form of ever more bloody confrontations in the region.

Update: Well, that’s a relief. Josh Marshall admits that from where he’s sitting, the issue has “so many moving parts” it’s hard to figure out. “So many moving parts” is, I believe, pundit-speak for “complex beyond my ability to neglect paying work to take the time to characterize.”

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