Chilling Out the Plame Spinners

September 30th, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

Kevin Drum has a useful roundup and takedown of the obfuscation and fallacy being tossed into the mix from administration apologists desperately trying to establish that the Plame Affair either doesn’t matter or didn’t really happen. And to sweep up what Kevin left out, Jim Henley confesses to a certain amount of disillusionment with more stale Instapundit spinning.

This thing is, if truly a case of a political operative selling out a CIA agent, nauseating. Being against the death penalty and all, I don’t want one to get used; but as someone who once wore a uniform and clung desperately to the belief that our lives would be endangered or spent for something more than a suit’s moment of political pique, I’d like to see a gallows go up somewhere, just for effect.

Josh Marshall (him again) is all over this thing. No link here so you’ll be encouraged to look over at the right column for the “latest from TPM” feed Ed thoughtfully put together. It’s updated hourly and it’s a good way to keep track while Josh gets around to providing a real RSS feed.

Update: An even more succinct summation of Plame spin from the apologists (actually, I think maybe “denialists” is more accurate): “Not the preeeecious.”

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