Internet Killed the Pornography Star

August 13th, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

…or at least badly dinged one publisher, as General Media, Inc., the company that publishes “Penthouse,” files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after blaming the Internet, a weak economy, and a sagging phone sex industry for its woes.

obAdolescentRecollection: I babysat a kid for a summer when I was 18. His dad kept a library of fairly raunchy porn stashed away in a closet. I don’t remember the titles, and I’m not copping the prude thing when I say I spent about five minutes looking at a few samples before deciding his tastes ran to the repulsive (I know, I know… one man’s “repulsive” is another man’s whatever). “Penthouse,” though, wasn’t evidently considered hard core enough to hide: there were six or eight stacked on the back of the toilet in every bathroom in the house because, you know, you don’t mind polite company seeing the arty stuff.

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