Calling All Cryptographers

August 4th, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

I’m on the verge of solving my first geocache and I find myself stuck with this code:

co aa ea gc go oo ga oc ee ga ce ga ae gc eo cc aa

ac go oo ao ac oc ee ag ee oc cc oc eo eg ee ee ee

cg ee ee ee ac ca aa oc eo eg ao cc ga co ao

oc ea cg ga ee ga ao oe cc ce aa ea ae oa ea co ee ee ee

I’ve solved the rest of the hints (which you can find on the cache’s page), but this cypher is hanging me up. Hints from anyone better at this stuff than I seem to be? Meanwhile, my free time is being taken up with searches on what seem to be the unique characteristics of this thing:

  • only five letters: a, c, e, g, and o
  • triplets of “ee” appear three times
  • ed points out in the comments that the letters are the first five of “geocache”

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