Livin’ La Vida Outlook

June 27th, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

This week we’re playing with Outlook.

  • Norton Antivirus in place? check
  • xkeymacs? check
  • Special “clone it all somewhere safe just in case” procmail rule? check
  • Bayesian spam filter for Outlook that’s so clever it understands when I move something out of the spam file that it’s “good”? check

But there’s a followup…

Something about Outlook and

href=””>UWash IMAPD doesn’t mesh

quite right. Outlook ate a few folders, then barfed them back up,

then started crashing every time I tried to start it. It took a

little googling, a little head-scratching, and two sane IMAP clients

to work it all out, but not before I ended up running in to the living

room and firing up the iBook to rescue a few messages in the IMAP

store’s cache that Outlook ate.

Sum result?

I’m not ever letting Outlook near my mail again. I don’t need that

kind of stress. It’s either Mozilla Mail or

href=””>mutt from a shell, thanks.

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