When Worlds Collide

May 21st, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

Yesterday, Doc Searls wondered why JupiterMedia analyst Jared Blank wasn’t getting any Technorati love for his blog, which just isn’t getting any attention.

Dan Lyke has a harsh explanation, and Scoble just calls “bullpucky” on the question.

Entertainingly, the fact that he mentioned Jared’s blog means Doc managed to “help out” by getting Scoble, Dan, and whoever else happened to notice to link to the thing at all, in which case the answer to the original question is now apparent: he wasn’t turning up in Technorati because no one wanted to link to him, not because Technorati was broken or missing something.

Disclosure: I freelance for JupiterMedia on the Web content side.

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