Resistance Is Irrelevant

May 28th, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

Tomorrow is a special day: Cosmic Encounter Online, a multiplayer Flash version of the classic board game will finally launch. It’s a tough game to describe, but I usually leave it at “poker with alien powers.”

CE’s been around forever: I remember reading a review of it in a copy of Starlog Magazine on a road trip to Texas with my dad when I was, well, young. I didn’t get a copy until college, when the West End edition was on sale for $5 at a Kay-Bee that was shedding its stock. That edition fell to pieces in a move, but I picked up the Avalon Hill version, which has to suffice until I work up the will to buy one of the superior older editions on eBay.


The Cosmic Encounter FAQ tells most of what you need to know about the game, and provides some more info on what may be the best game ever. Here’s hoping the online edition holds up. I’ll try to post a review after I crush a few hapless space freaks.

It’s for-pay, by the way, so it’ll have to be pretty good to warrant more than a temporary account.

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