Dear South, Redux

May 8th, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

I found a link to this piece on Southern Nationalism on

Reason’s blog. It tackles the question of southern nationalism and the roots of the Civil War, and may serve to erode a lot of the fuzzy-headed romanticism we continue to endure from assorted folk trying to tell us southerners are an oppressed ethnic minority ground under the boot heel of Yankee Imperialism.

Know what? Some of their teenagers get death threats for daring to integrate their proms. I had an instructor at Fort Gordon who was happy to tell my training class that we were part of “an occupying army” if we wore the uniform south of the Mason-Dixon Line. In Virginia, these boobies spit on Martin Luther King’s memory yearly with their absurd “Lee/Jackson/King Day.” At what point do we just create a federal entitlement program to help these people get over themselves?

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