The New Canon

April 15th, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

What’s up with the film canon? According to this article:

“…Casablanca and Citizen Kane don’t matter so much anymore, even if you think they should. Those two films may be, respectively, the peak product of the Hollywood dream machine and the first true indie flick; they may be historical necessities, transporting movie experiences, and, in the case of Kane, a brilliantly realized essay on American success, ego, and disaster. But their pertinence to audiences is a thing of the past.”

Instead, the article argues, the up-and-comers include a list that runs from The Big Lebowski to Amelie. I didn’t feel like arguing with many of the choices on the list: they’ll still matter in a few years.

The author’s a prat.

(The whole article)

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