Cinema Suits

February 20th, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

Irritated by the ten minutes worth of ads they have to sit through before a film starts, people are beginning to sue:

“One of the suits was filed by Miriam Fisch, 36, of Evanston, who teaches English and film in Lincolnshire and is Weinberg’s former girlfriend. On Feb. 8, she went to see ‘The Quiet American” at Loews’ Pipers Alley theater in Chicago. She said she sat through commercials for Coca-Cola, Cingular Wireless, Fandango and one for the NAACP, which delayed the beginning of the movie by four minutes past its advertised starting time. “Greg Scott, 35, a DePaul University sociology professor from Oak Park, sued Classic Cinemas after he went to see ‘The Pianist’ Jan. 26 at the Lake Theater in the west suburb. He said he had to sit through three commercials before the movie started. “Both suits ask for damages of no more than $75 per person. More important, the attorneys who filed them say, is that their clients want the commercials dropped–or they want ads to state the time a movie actually begins, not just when the commercials begin to roll.”

There are already grassroots organizations protesting the movie ad flood.

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