The World’s Shortest Affiliation

January 27th, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

While doing the research preparatory to telling Sam to go get stuffed, I came across a few things that changed my mind about just how nice it is to link to Amazon, let alone push sales its way.

It isn’t. Between the clusterbomb of layoffs and outsourcing it dropped on union organizers, and its unrepentant abuse of patents, it seems best to leave Amazon alone.

Did I not know about these issues before I set out to set up the affiliate links on the site? Yes, I did. But until I re-researched the issue, I didn’t take time to remember that an issue “dropping off the radar” doesn’t mean the issue is resolved. Boycotts can be stupid and pointless, but so is giving your money to assholes when you can find an alternative.

Two years too late, Tim O’Reilly wins my “flashback to self-serving dot-bomb cynicism” award. It’ll be a happy day when the bobos get lost.

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