Next Time, Make It a “Swoosh”

January 29th, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

A doctor in Kentucky is getting sued because he used a laser to brand the initials of his alma mater into a woman’s uterus, which sounds fairly horrible if you take it as one of those routine “gynecologist with a box full of tranquilizers and branding laser runs amok” kinds of stories. But he says there’s a little more context to be had, since he made the marks during surgery so he could see where to cut.

Once the victim and her family watched a videotape of the procedure, they were shocked to see the University of Kentucky’s initials on her uterus, and she says she suffered emotional distress as a result.

The doctor says marking organs is a common procedure, and other doctors agree. The hospital says it’s sorry the victim was unhappy with the choice of markings.

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