But It Is! Smooth.

January 6th, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

Apropos yesterday’s notes about Internet Explorer’s speed and apparent hatred of basic handshaking, Michael B. dropped this line after I lamented to him that the information provided was for Internet Explorer 5:

Our intranet site runs on an ISS server, and I just happen to have a packet sniffer… So I fired it up, set up a filter to capture any TCP/UDP traffic coming or going from my IP, and did a web-request with IE6. It turns out that Microsoft does indeed stay to the standards:

client  -> server       SYN (SEQ 1)

server  -> client       ACK (SEQ 1) SYN (SEQ 2)

client  -> server       ACK (SEQ 2) *Handshake Complete*

client  -> server       HTTP_GET...

Client MSIE 6.0
Server Microsoft ISS 5.0

Time, I suppose, to go off and get outraged over something else.

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