Apple Releases Its Own X11

January 7th, 2003  |  Published in Uncategorized

So, today I was

  • feeling great about all the 802.11 connectivity on campus
  • feeling great about the release of Safari
  • feeling more underwhelmed as Safari proved its betaness
  • feeling great about all that 802.11 connectivity

when along comes news that Apple has released its own XFree package. I was pretty happy with OroborOSX, but this has the benefit of much easier menus for customizing app launchers, a more integrated window manager, and more speed: GTK apps are faster, window redraws seem nicer, the focus policy makes more sense, and window resizing isn’t a blind proposition. So it’s still a pretty good day, even if Safari needs some time.

The MacSlash comments are pretty helpful for people using fink to handle X11 on their Mac gear.

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